Plant frame wall - a solution brings nature into your home

 In the development of the green interior trend in building construction and interior design, plant frame wall is today a wonderful choice for you to bring the green space and natural breath to your home.

 Plant frame wall is the real trees are planted in the middle of the picture frame and the kind of these tres are easy to grow, have high vitality ,live in hard condition (they can live without water). Apparently, the picture frame is formed as a normal picture frame (like the wood or plastic frame), the back is designed especially to be able to contain the soil or the essential nutrient for the sustainment, growing normally in a long time as the other conventional pots.

Besides, currently on the market has appeared the kind of plant frame wall is made of plastic or silk look like real with lower cost to provide the consumer market. These frames do not require the care, the light condition and nutrients such as real plant frame.

Below are some collected picture about plant frame walls we recommend for you




Finally , you have a lovely plant frame wall.





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