Folded paper picture frames without using the glue tip

 Step 1:



- First, you print out cardboard template, note that template must be spread across the sheet of paper.

- In addition, print the your favorite quotes on white paperboard


Step 2:



 - After printing out the paper template is completed, you cut corners as shown in Figure 4 and then folded under folds draw lines.


 Step 3:



- Fold, then immobilizer 2 folding edge length of the paper.


 Step 4:



 - Next, you folded 2 edge width of the paper, then slid them into the corner of the two folded edge length of paper.


 Step 5:


  - Finally, you cut the quotes to fit the paper picture frame, then inserted it into the frames then finished already.You can do a series of multi-colored paper photo frames with different quotes to give your friends !


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