Top 5 Halloween Picture Framing Ideas

  Have you picked your costume? Are you going trick-or-treating with your kids? It’s a lot of fun when everyone dresses up for Halloween. Especially for the little ones. What better way to treasure those Halloween memories than to frame them!  And perhaps also make framing part of your Halloween decor! Here are my favourite Halloween Picture Framing Ideas that I found online.

 #5 - Spider Web Framing
A great way to use doilies in picture frames as spider webs.
#4 - Framing Spooky Movie Characters
This is a great example for those who like old black & white "scary movie" characters. You can also modernize it by adding newer "scary movie" characters in colour or, with a little bit of photoshopping, only black and orange (for that Halloween effect).
#3 - Framing Vintage Book Page Prints
I love this idea! Grab an old book you are not attached to or pick an old book from a second-hand store and reuse the pages to create this fun and creative Halloween Frame! 
#2 - Skeleton Picture Framing
These skeleton/skull prints are best framed in black frames. Once framed, you can reuse them every halloween. Clever idea!
#1 - Halloween Days Framing 
Display the different Halloween costumes of your children throughout the years.  The mat can be created with an opening for each year's photo, right from the child's 1st halloween! This is timeless and you can display it every Halloween. What a great way to remember all the fun and all the great costumes.
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